Opening a pasta factory in 2020: consulting, machines, and training

Opening a pasta factory

How to Open an Artisan Pasta Factory: All You Need to Know

Opening an artisan pasta factory where you can produce fresh pasta, dry pasta lines, organic pasta or gluten-free pasta for coeliacs, it is the equivalent of opening a business of production and sale of handmade egg and stuffed pasta of the utmost interest.


Supermarkets and hypermarkets are becoming more and more fearsome competitors of the common fresh pasta shops. The evergreen business of artisan pasta production finds its business strength in a genuine product, a specialism of pastry, ice cream, rotisseries and fresh pasta shops.

The fresh pasta business has been growing continuously lately, even thanks to a higher attention that has been drawn to healthy eating which pushes people towards a homemade-oriented choice when seeking for traditional dishes.

This is why today opening a pasta factory is a very successful business.

If you want to develop this type of business, do not forget to spoil your customers with niche products of ultimate quality, the only products that will make their mouth water and their needs met. Think about coeliacs who miss out on this “NATIONAL” delicacy due to food intolerance.

Tips for Opening an artisan Pasta Factory in 2020

Opening a pasta factory

If you want to opening an artisan pasta factory, keep in mind that you don’t need particularly high investments or sophisticated technical knowledge.

All you have to do is take up on our free course where our visitors will learn for free how to start an artisan pasta factory from the very beginning, in order to produce fresh, dry or gluten-free pasta.

It is fundamental that you rely on field-related companies to gain all their experience in pasta production, preservation, management and sale.

The full compliancy of the machines with current safety regulations is of no less importance.

Let’s face it: there is no bad reason to start a fresh pasta shop today. Get your entrepreneur career started!

Investments and Contributions to Opening a Pasta Factory

Opening a pasta factory in 2020

Today, one of the options to opening a Pasta factory is to rely on a Business Consultant who helps you develop your Business Plan and search for financing, incentives and contributions

Our consultancy is topped off with training for the production of fresh, dry and gluten-free pasta and  after-sale courses dedicated to you and to be completed in 4-5 days at your opening a Pasta Factory.

Today, our activity boasts the collaboration with different consulting firms for the research of incentives, start-up reliefs and contributions that Italy or the European Community offers to open and start up an artisan or industrial pasta factory.

You can also take part in our Free course to opening a Pasta Factory where we will show you all the aspects you need to know to take up your new adventure in the world of fresh, dry or gluten-free pasta.

Machines and Equipment Needed for a Pasta Factory

Opening a pasta factory in 2020

To opening a pasta factory you can start small with only a 50-square meters space to be used as a laboratory. The laboratory should be equipped with everything that would facilitate the preparation of fresh pasta and the sale of the final product.

A group of 2/3 people is usually sufficient to manage a small pasta factory.

To set up your lab for the production of egg pasta, you will need:


Stainless steel worktopKneading machine
Workbench dough sheeter with cutting stationAutomatic Ravioli making machine
Automatic Gnocchi Dumpling making machineCappelletti and Agnolotti forming machine
Cutting unit for short pastaPasta dryer
Fridge and blast chillerMeat mincer with grater
Sink with 1 or 2 basins4-burner kitchen
Convection steam ovenDigital kitchen scale
Cash registerRefrigerated counter

Costs of Opening a Pasta Factory

We estimate a total start-up investment from 40,000 up to 70,000 Euros, considering the option of using SECOND-HAND and REVIEWED MACHINE GUARANTEED AS NEW.

Today you have tons of possibilities to open a fresh pasta business, also with the help of regional, state and European contributions and funding. Read the information on the specific portals on this page and ask your Accountant for the perfect strategy to be adopted.

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