Refrigerators blast chiller shock freezer

Refrigerated cabinets for the conservation of fresh pasta

Refrigerators blast chiller shock freezerRefrigerators blast chiller shock freezerPAMA’s refrigerators provide significant energy by ensuring a more accurate control over the storage of products. They guarantee a perfect preservation of food, raw materials, whether they are fresh pasta products, food, pastry and ice cream. The refrigerator unit with external evaporator allows to have a completely free internal space and consequently a greater load capacity. There are several storage capacity (700-1400-2300 liters), with positive and negative temperature or combined version at two temperatures in completely independent compartments to organize your workspace in an extremely rational way.

700 litri
1/P TN
-2° / +8°C
72x82x200 cm
1500 litri
2/P TN
-2° / +8°C
144x82x200 cm
2300 litri
3/P TN
-2° / +8°C
216x82x200 cm

Blast chiller / Blast freeser for pasta and restaurant

k10 162x300 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourk5 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourThe classic blast chiller-blast freezer for excellence, easy in its use it finds application everywhere, both as counter or under oven. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel inox AISI 304 18/10. Automatic and manual hot gas defrosting. Control panel with HACCP functions and programs memorization, hard/soft blast chilling. Optional: height 850 mm.

Dimensions bxpxh
820x700x900 mm
820x800x1750 mm
820x800x1950 mm
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
105 kg
200 kg
220 kg
Width of looms
5 – 600×400
10 – 600×400
15 – 600×400
Power consumption
1,5 kW
2,68 kW
3,3 kW
1F-230V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ


Display refrigerators for fresh fresh pasta and gastronomy

Refrigerators blast chiller shock freezerRefrigerators blast chiller shock freezerEcological, reliable, hygienic, fully customizable. Adapted to all kind of distribution area. Ideal for the displaying of fresh pre-packed food, like coldcuts, dairy products, fresh pasta and deli products.

Salina 200
Salina 250
Salina 300
Salina 350
Lenght with side and walls
2.020 mm
2.500 mm
2.980 mm
3.700 mm
Min. working temp.
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ


Modular cold rooms for the conservation of fresh pasta

Refrigerators blast chiller shock freezerQuick and easy to install, for a useful space and rational in compliance with hygiene and environmental issues.
? internal and external covering in white plastic-coated galvanized steel
? insulation thickness mm 60-70-100
? internal covering in anti-slip grey plastic-coated galvanized steel
? internal rounded corners in the junction between vertical panels
? floor and ceiling
? water-expanded environment-friendly polyurethane


abbattitore carrello Industrial plants pasta factory prod 250 kg hourWhen the powers start to be important. Large organizational capacity and simplicity in the use.


abbattitori 300x264 Industrial plants pasta factory prod 250 kg hour


Harden / Pastry / Gelato cabinet 20 trays 600×800 60 tubs 360x165x120

Refrigerators blast chiller shock freezerSchermata 2014-01-15 alle 12.45.23Differently than a normal blast chiller-blast freezer, the product can rest at a correct temperature of conservation without the necessity to move it at the end of the cycle. It allows to harden and conserve the gelato. Large use in narrow encumbrances. Thanks to the hardening without thermal shock, the gelato keep s the organoleptic and the taste characteristics . A machine for the complete realization of your gelato.
THE MAXIMUM OF COLD: High performances, temperatures till -30°C, vertical lateral evaporation able to cool down all the containers equally, the maximum of technology.
HUGE CARRYING CAPACITY: 20 trays 600×800 and/or 60 traditional containers easy to move.
FUNCTINALITY: Thanks to the ergonomic handle at full door, to the rounded chassis, to the double internal drain hole, to the ray cut bottom, to the door semi-built-in, to the best steel AISI 304, it’s possible to have a machine ideal to satisfy every customer requirements.
THE ABSOLUTE BEST DEFROSTING SYSTEM: with the cycle inversion you obtain a very short time of defrosting and a lower electrical consume and moreover you can have a higher duration of the compressor.