Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hour

Press Extruder Pasta Machine mod. P/30

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourLaboratory of fresh pasta, food machinery produces sheet of pasta for ravioli, cappelletti and agnolotti. Long and short pasta with the change of dies. Removable mixing shaft, water cooling on the head, cutting unit short pasta, drying shrink. Optional: winder for sheet of pasta, refrigerator.

Dimensions bxpxh 720 x 740 x 1350 mm Weight 190 kg Extrusion production 40 kg/h max
Die diameter 109 mm Basin capacity 20 kg (flour/bran and liquid) Power consumption 1,8 kW
Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Ravioli machines mod. RN/120-TS

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourRavioli machine for the production of ravioli of different sizes and weight, detached, both stuffed with meat and cheese. The various types of format such as round, square, crescent, fish, heart, candy, fungus, covering the various needs of the market and can be viewed in the attached brochure. Consisting of:
? Two pairs of rollers calibrators adjustable for adjusting the thickness of the sheet
? Power adjustable filling, ideal for machining soft fillings
? Interchangeable molds NON-COMMERCIAL
? Automatic lock in case of absence stuffing
? Recovery of waste

Dimensions bxpxh480x730x1930mm
Weight135 kg
Hourly output40 kg/h
Width sheet120 mm
Consumption power0,5 kW
Voltage3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cappelletti Pelmeni Agnolotti pasta machine mod. RC/2-N

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourFor dining and small Workshops, produces Cappelletto and Agnolotto stuffed with meat. Interchangeable with the possibility of applying other formats. Output of the tape product and amount of the stuffing machine with adjustable in function.

Dimensions bxpxh 600x700x1400 mm Weight 270 kg Hourly output 50 kg/h Sheet width 132 mm
Power consumption 1,2 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Gnocchi Dumpling Machine with 3 holes model GN/3-N

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourGnocchi machine with 3 holes, for gnocchi smooth or ridged. Continuous feed, automatic dusting, size and recess. Product adjustable with setting wheel and moving car. The machine can work either mixtures with potatoes, prepared or flake.

Dimensions bxpxh 400x650x1300 mm Weight 88 kg Hourly output 75 kg/h
Consumption Power 0,4 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Sheeter cutter pasta machine mod. TLB/4

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSheeter-cutter asta machine – without table (only on request) – with sheeter of mm 200 (inches 7,8) and cutter with 4 cuts for long pasta: mm 2-4-6-12 – adjustable thickness. Equipped with anti-accident devices. Machine in stainless steel version.

Dimensions bxpxh 550x550x450 mm Weight 47 kg Sheet width 200 mm Consumption power 0,4 kW Voltage  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Display refrigerators for fresh fresh pasta and gastronomy

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourEcological, reliable, hygienic, fully customizable. Adapted to all kind of distribution area. Ideal for the displaying of fresh pre-packed food, like coldcuts, dairy products, fresh pasta and deli products.

Salina 200
Salina 250
Salina 300
Salina 350
Lenght with side and walls
2.020 mm
2.500 mm
2.980 mm
3.700 mm
Min. working temp.
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
+3° / +5°
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ
230V 1F 50HZ

Refrigerators for the conservation of fresh pasta and gastronomy

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourPAMA’s refrigerators provide significant energy by ensuring a more accurate control over the storage of products. They guarantee a perfect preservation of food, raw materials, whether they are fresh pasta products, food, pastry and ice cream. The refrigerator unit with external evaporator allows to have a completely
free internal space and consequently a greater load capacity. There are several storage capacity (700-1400-2300 liters), with positive and negative temperature or combined version at two temperatures in completely independent compartments to organize your workspace in an extremely rational way.

700 litri
1/P TN
-2° / +8°C
72x82x200 cm
1500 litri
2/P TN
-2° / +8°C
144x82x200 cm
2300 litri
3/P TN
-2° / +8°C
216x82x200 cm

Blast chiller / Blast freeser for pasta and restaurant 

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourThe classic blast chiller-blast freezer for excellence, easy in its use it finds application everywhere, both as counter or under oven. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel inox AISI 304 18/10. Automatic and manual hot gas defrosting. Control panel with HACCP functions and programs memorization, hard/soft blast chilling. Optional: height 850 mm.

Dimensions bxpxh
820x700x900 mm
820x800x1750 mm
820x800x1950 mm
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
105 kg
200 kg
220 kg
Width of looms
5 – 600×400
10 – 600×400
15 – 600×400
Power consumption
1,5 kW
2,68 kW
3,3 kW
1F-230V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ

Convection ovens

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourEasy, from every point of view. The line of gas ovens and electric convection, allows you to easily tackle the most common types of cooking in traditional kitchens.

Pama Roma ago effectiveness and simplicity of its strengths: effective because it guarantees perfect baking uniformity in any environment and under any condition of load, which is essential for studying in ‘perspective to provide the chef everything you look for in a furnace without anything superfluous.

Gas cookers electric industrial Pasta factory, delicatessens and Restaurants.

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourSmall plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourCooking for workshops and stores of fresh pasta completely constructed of stainless steel and cast iron grilles. Work Plan thick made of stainless steel AISI 304. Grid floor made of cast iron fittings. Double crown burners with cast iron body and brass spartifiamma of vertical flame stabilized. Taps valved pilot flame for ignition of the burner. Pans raccogligocce the removable floor of stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners printed. Static gas oven GN 2 / 1 heated by the burner (7.7 kW) a flame stabilized controlled by a thermostatic valve with safety, adjustable from 100 ° to 340 ° C, piezoelectric ignition to the pilot. Guide reggigriglie Three and removable for complete cleaning of the room. Control panel easily removable to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel feet adjustable in height. Gas or electricity. Possibility of internal furnace. Burners plan kW. 3,5 – 5,5 – 7,5.

Steel furniture for pasta factory, Gastronomy, Restaurants, Catering e Supermarket

Small plants pasta factory prod 30 kg hourA wide range of neutral fumishing elements, including sturdily built tables, cabinets, sinks, shelving, wall-mounted hoods and central hoods, wall units and shelves for food services, dining facilities ans delicatessens, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Worktops with depths of 600-700 mm to make the most of space with flexibility of arrangements, excellent work organization, maximum hygiene and long-lasting