Cappelletti pelmeni agnolotti pasta machine

Cappelletti Pelmeni Agnolotti pasta machine mod. RC/2-N

agnolottoFor dining and small Workshops, produces Cappelletto and Agnolotto stuffed with meat. Interchangeable with the possibility of applying other formats. Output of the tape product and amount of the stuffing machine with adjustable in function.


Dimensions bxpxh 600x700x1400 mm Weight 270 kg Hourly output 50 kg/h Sheet width 132 mm
Power consumption 1,2 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cappelletti Pelmeni Agnolotti pasta machine mod. RC/4-N

cappellettiDouble sheet machine with separated product, filling and discontinuous press adjustable motion. Equipment of no. 1 mold under average and n. 2 plastic frames. Interchangeable dies with other formats.


Dimensions bxpxh 860x860x1600 mm Weight 350 kg Hourly output 120 kg/h Width sheet 262 mm
Consumption power 4 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ


Particular of the Cappelletti production and Agnolotti by half moon

With the simple rotation of a lever, the operator can swith from the agnolotto to the cappelletto shape with the machine in motion. Patented.