Restaurant pasta machines

PASTATION, all in one Solution for Restaurant pasta machine, Delicatessens, Catering, Holiday’s farms and Pasta Shop.

Pastation, combinata per pasta fresca.Pama Parsi Macchine, presents a new solution “Patented” for those who want to produce fresh pasta. This is a complete studied workstation concentrated in a small space, only 150 cm, which was tested by our Pasta Chef and by the most demanding. This location thanks to its small size and to the extreme facility of transport on wheels, it lends itself to become the best partner in all the circumstances in which it is necessary an entire “pocket” pasta shop: Catering, Delicatessens, Restaurants,Holiday’s farms, Fairs, Promotions directly to retail outlets for products that require the production of fresh pasta.

PASTATION, is a real station for combined production of fresh pasta, that contains in a single medium-sized module a real professional Pasta factory.

Dimensions b x p x h mm mm. 1500 x 800 x 1700
Weight kg. kg. 250
Capacity kneaders kg. 8 (flour/bran and liquid)
Diametro trafila pressa mm. 89
Output /h kg. 12/15
Sheet width cutter mm. 200
Power kW. 1,7
Motors 230/400V 3F+

Restaurant Press Extruder pasta machine mod. P/10
Extruder for dough bench suitable for Gastronomie, Restaurants or small Pasta factories in stainless steel. Equipment: cutting for short pasta, die for sheet of pasta, removable tree dough, water cooling on the head and ventilation product output.


Dimensions bxpxh 550 x 650 x 700 mm Weight 80 kg Extrusion production 16 kg/h
Die diameter 89 mm Basin capacity 8 kg (flour/bran and liquid) Power consumption 1 kW
Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Restaurant Ravioli pasta machine mod. RN/80

macchinaperpasta_RN80_2Ravioli bench for Restaurants, Delicatessens and small Workshops. Produce ravioli stuffed with meat, ricotta and spinach and various fantasies. Interchangeable dies molds with the possibility of applying other formats. Output of the tape product and amount of the stuffing machine with adjustable in function. Equipment: no. 1 mold.

Dimensions bxpxh 420x420x760 mm Weight 25 kg Hourly output 25 kg/h Width sheet 80 mm
Consumption power 0,18 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cutter Restaurant pasta machine mod. TR/3

 Cutter machine for long cuts, without table to produce tagliatelle of 3 widths: mm 2 – 4 – 6  sheet width: mm 180 (inches 7,1), equipped with anti-accident devices, machine in stainless steel version.

Dimensions bxpxh 340x210x340mm Weight 10 kg Larghezza sfoglia 180 mm Power 0,2 kW Standard cuts: mm 2-4-6 
Rollers width: mm 180 Motors  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cutter Restaurant pasta machine mod. TR/5-N

Cutter machine for long cuts, without table (only on request) to produce tagliatelle of five widths: mm 1,25 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 12.

Dimensions bxpxh 710x260x520mm Weight 35 kg Sheet width 180 mm Power consumption 0,4 kW Voltage  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cutter “Tagliatelle Quadrucci” pasta machine mod. TRM/5-N

Cutter pasta machine for long and short cuts,without table (only on request) to producetagliatelle of five widths: mm 1,25 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 12 – equipped also with an automatic device to produce three various shapes of little squares pasta.

Dimensions bxpxh 460x450x550 mm   Weight 68 kg Standard cuts 1,25 – 2 – 4 – 6 – 12 mm
Standard short cuts  4 – 6 – 12 mm Width sheet 300 mm Consumption power 0,4 kW
Voltage  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Cutter pasta machine “Taglio Casareccio” mod. TC/1

Cutter pasta machine for long cuts, without table, ideal to produce 8 kinds of “fettuccine casarecce”.

Weight kg 30  Power consumption  kW 0,16
Dimensions bxpxh mm 370x370x660
  Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Sheeter Cutter pasta machine mod. TLB/4

Cutter machine for long cuts, without table (only on request) to produce Tagliatelle of four widths: mm 2 – 4 – 6 – 12.

Dimensions bxpxh 550x550x450 mm Weight 47 kg Sheet width 200 mm Consumption power 0,4 kW Voltage  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ


Macchina per Crepes mod. CR/200

macchinaperpasta_CR200macchinaperpasta_CR200partCrepes machine to produce crepes up to 400 pieces per hour – crêpes diameter mm 180 (inches 7,08) – crêpes width mm 180 (inches 7,08) – equipped with one roller (round or rectangular) – possibility to make round or rectangular crepes, only changing the cooking roller – the temperature is adjustable by means of a digital thermostat – adjustable crepes thickness.

Dimensions bxpxh mm 750×260+520 (conveyor belt) x 370 h Weight kg 35 c. Output KGs/h: 400 pieces about Square crêpes widht mm 180 Round crêpes diameter mm 180 Power KW 2,6 Voltage 220-1F