Pasteurization line for fresh filled pasta

Pasteurization line for fresh filled pastaPasteurization line for fresh filled pasta. Pasteurization lines for the HEAT TREATMENT of long, short, filled, and gluten-free fresh pasta are fully designed and manufactured in our San Cesareo factory. The heating system, with an integrated boiler and a water immersion heat exchanger, eliminates heat loss into the environment and minimizes energy consumption, increasing efficiency to 90-92%.

Pasteurization line for fresh filled pastaThis translates into considerable energy savings and optimal pasteurization of the product, resulting in high-quality fresh filled pasta. PASTEURIZATION should not only be viewed as a process that extends the shelf life of the PRODUCT. The final customer needs to understand that it is a GUARANTEE THAT THE FINISHED PRODUCT IS SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION because by PASTEURIZING, you are providing the end user with a product that does not contain pathogenic microorganisms and bacteria. This is assuming, of course, that the required HYGIENE/HEALTH precautions are followed from the production phase right up to the packaging process.

Also, PASTEURIZING FRESH PASTA not only means maximizing efficiency in order to avoid waste, but also getting a head start on production for peak demand periods like Christmas and Easter. It also means opening up a Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) market so that the?product can be supplied to supermarkets, wine bars, restaurants, and hotels. With our Pasteurizers for long, short, filled, and gluten-free fresh pasta, you will always be able to produce a high-quality product for all your customers, whether their businesses are large or small.

The cover of the pasteurization chamber can be easily removed allowing complete access for?cleaning (washing) the steam generator tank and the conveyor belt. Power: LPG — NATURAL?GAS — ELECTRIC (for some models)?The main features of the Pasteurizer for long, short, and filled fresh pasta – steam generator?tank and cover made of insulated stainless steel for maximum thermal efficiency:

  • – stainless steel mesh conveyor belt driven by side roller chains on stainless steel guides;
  • – conveyor belt speed adjustable to control holding time in the steam chamber from 0.5 to 3.5 min.; humidity?extractor hoods with adjustable dampers;
  • – condensate recovery system to prevent water from leaking onto the floor;
  • – hot-air drying chamber with high-speed centrifugal fans equipped with filters;
  • – temperature of the pasteurization chamber adjustable to 100°C;
  • – temperature at the center of the product adjustable between 70°C-90°C (depending on the product).

Solutions for the pasteurization of long, short, and filled fresh pasta can be customized to suit specific needs. With respect to: production quantity, length of the steam chamber and width of the conveyor belt. For more information, visit the website on Pasteurizers for long, short, filled, and gluten-free fresh pasta.