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Gas cookers electric industrial Pasta factory, delicatessens and Restaurants

cucina pastafresca2 150x150 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourcannelloni12 150x150 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourCooking for workshops and stores of fresh pasta completely constructed of stainless steel and cast iron grilles. Work Plan thick made of stainless steel AISI 304. Grid floor made of cast iron fittings. Double crown burners with cast iron body and brass spartifiamma of vertical flame stabilized.

Taps valved pilot flame for ignition of the burner. Pans raccogligocce the removable floor of stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners printed. Static gas oven GN 2 / 1 heated by the burner (7.7 kW) a flame stabilized controlled by a thermostatic valve with safety, adjustable from 100 ° to 340 ° C, piezoelectric ignition to the pilot. Guide reggigriglie Three and removable for complete cleaning of the room. Control panel easily removable to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel feet adjustable in height. Gas or electricity. Possibility of internal furnace. Burners plan kW. 3,5 – 5,5 – 7,5.


Convection ovens for fresh pasta and gastronomy

forno pamaroma2 150x150 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourlasagna12 150x150 Medium plants pasta factory prod 60 kg hourEasy, from every point of view. The line of gas ovens and electric convection, allows you to easily tackle the most common types of cooking in traditional kitchens.

Pama Roma ago effectiveness and simplicity of its strengths: effective because it guarantees perfect baking uniformity in any environment and under any condition of load, which is essential for studying in ‘perspective to provide the chef everything you look for in a furnace without anything superfluous.

Many good reasons to choose an Oven RATIONAL for pasta factory and Gastronomy

rational1 Large plants pasta factory prod 120 kg hourlasagna12 150x150 Large plants pasta factory prod 120 kg hourThe SelfCooking Center ® uses for you, during any cooking process, all the technical possibilities that it contains, in fully automatic mode.

Even in manual mode Combi Steam cooking speed increases up to 15% compared to traditional Combi Steam. This not only saves time but also money.

The SelfCooking Center ®, yet it occupies very little space, replaces or relieves 40-50% of the work of all the equipment for cooking traditional hot air ovens, stoves, soldering Foldaway, kettles, steam cookers, fryers, pots and pans .

The Control ® SelfCooking use for you in fully automatic mode during any cooking process all the technical possibilities of the Center SelfCooking ®. In this way, your investment will be fully repaid.

quicktime Large plants pasta factory prod 120 kg hour

An oven used to 100% of its performance, combining automatic cooking, manual cooking and the chef’s own personalized programs oven like no other can do.