Fresh pasta gluten-free?

Today we can ensure formats fresh and dry pasta gluten-free good quality. Take part in our courses presentation, it is essential to understand the potential of the sector. We are waiting!

PASTATION, all in one Solution

This is a complete studied workstation concentrated in a small space, only 150 cm, which was tested by our Pasta Chef and by the most demanding.

Since 1944...

anyone working with a Pama machine in never alone.

Because we make it,

we are directly responsible for what we sell.

Do you want to open a fresh pasta factory all included?

From gastronomy to small industrial line fully automatic. A single contact person to be entrusted with the realization of your Pasta Factory. Fresh pasta? Dry? Gluten-Free? Pasteurized? Packaged? Frozen? 60 years of experience to exploit.

Pasta lines design and manufacturers of machinery equipments for pasta factory.

Pama Parsi Macchine produces more than one hundred pasta machinery models, of any capacity and for any pasta type: machinery for dry, fresh pasta or gluten free, egg pasta, etc. And also machinery for noodles and short-cut pasta, pasta with filling, dough kneading machinery, dough dividers, macchinery to produce dumplings, ravioli, cannelloni, lasagna, cappelletti, agnolotti, orecchiette, trofie and many more. The machine range covers any pasta size and meets all customers' needs.

General Catalog 2014

General Catalog 2014
Completely renovated, the General Catalogue 2014 illustrates machinery, plant and equipment to produce fresh pasta, dried and gluten free.

Want to open a Pasta Factory?

Want to open a Pasta Factory?
If you're planning to set up a workshop for the production of pasta, fresh, dried or gluten-free, it is the event that you are looking for. Booked ...

Exhibitions, events, solutions

Exhibitions, events, solutions
Expos and Fairs, new machinery, customized solutions. This is the future that the Pama propose for 2014.
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