Lines and Equipment for Dry Pasta Fresh Pasta Ready Meals

impiantohrThe great success of Pasta Equipments PAMA ROMA due to the forces of itsgramola-pasta-equipments employees, who led the long experience of Alberto Parsi mother and Bianca, are committed to the continuous development of new solutions for the production of handmade fresh pasta and industry.

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Who is the Pama Roma? Welcome to Pama Roma: pasta machine manufacturer of pasta making machines, home pasta makers and pasta equipment for; food service, restaurants and catering. Pasta manufacturing machines, extruders and pasta dies, dough mixers, dough sheeters, laminators, gnocchi, ravioli makers and ravioli molds, pierogi machines, multi-function pasta machines, pasta equipment, factory training and large industrial pasta manufacturing machines.

orecchiette-pasta-equipmentsOur highly experienced team of designers, engineers, machinists, fabricators, assemblers, support and sales staff, along with our valued partners are the strength and pride of the Pama Roma brand. All of us are committed to creating cost effective solutions for your production, processing and manufacturing challenges.

Who is the Pama Roma? So many professional skills at work to provide your creativity with a unique tool, designed and constructed to meet all of your most specific needs, and capable of fitting into the production cycle of any pasta-making facility. Our company has solid foundations, built onPama Roma pasta equipments lines the know-how of professionals convinced that the result of their work is closely related to the quality of the rapport with the client. This is why our company provides you constant attention and assistance, with technical and sales services based on seriousness and fair play. Because we make it, we are directly responsible for what we sell.

The area that the Pasta Equipments PAMA ROMA includes small-scale production of restaurants, food or small pasta factories, the industrial line of 500 kg per hour. Covering product needs from noodles, coloured sheet, ravioli, tortellini, cappelletti, ravioli, gnocchi, butterflies and in the production of machinery and equipment for pre-cooked lasagne and cannelloni.

tubo-bandone-enWe also provide a wide range of machines and equipment to complement production of fresh pasta and gastronomy such as steam convection ovens, blast chillers, refrigerators, refrigerated cabinets, planetary mixer, heat sealers for bags and trays MAP, dry pasta’s vertical packaging, cooling tunnel, sterilizers and conveyors for food

In conclusion, the Pasta Equimemts PAMA ROMA covers all the requirements for the production and preservation of pasta, with quality and service to meet the needs of its customers.