Packaging machines for Pasta

Chamber vacuum packaging machines for Pasta

confezionatrici-buste-pasta-frescaIdeal for Farm, Butchers, Supermarkets, Restaurants and small Pastifici, these machines were built entirely of stainless steel are fitted with vacuum pumps, which ensure the reliability and long life.
The vacuum packaging envelope with the vacuum chamber may have versions bench or wheel and swivel base.
The wide range is also available in versions “atmosphere (ATM Inert Gas)” and with electronic management. Maintaining the high standard of quality, the models available, they differ in the size of the profits of the vacuum chamber, in the provision and extent of the sealing bars and the extent of the vacuum pumps.


Vacuum thermosealing machines for skin pack mod. UNICA 20


Thermosealers in vacuum atmosphere, trolley on wheels, designed for vacuum packaging of trays of various sizes, dedicated to gastronomy, to supermarkets, to catering, etc..

Built in stainless steel and aluminum
_ Pump 20 m3 / h of best brands
_ Bathtub Stainless steel
_ Campana stamped aluminum
_ Loading film reel changeover and hygienically protected
_ Card with electronic sensor and store 5 programs

_ Bathtub printed in stainless steel for easy cleaning, that allows you to use dies with die-cutting 320 x 265 mm (1 / 2 GN) and 4 x GN 1 / 8.

Muted air compressor (optional)
The air compressor, very quiet (40 dB) may be housed within the thermal (Model 5 liters) or purchased separately (Model 9 liters, see photo). Compressor power at 230V ~ 700W

Diecutting some molds. Stainless steel tank, allows the use of molds
up to 310 x 220 mm with cutting dies and
up to 320 x 265 mm (1 / 2 GN) without cutting.


Machine dimensions (mm)
150 kg.
2,2 kW
Max cup dimensions
1F-230/400 V

In line automatic thermosealing machines for fresh pasta pasta plants

In line automatic thermosealing machine, without air compressor, SINGLE/DOUBLE IMPRESSION TOOLING, program for diff. tray heights, safety photocell at tray output, tool kit easy change system (max. tray height 60 mm, max. width of the film roll 380 mm)

linea pamaroma valko 300x258 Industrial plants pasta factory prod 250 kg hourCHARACTERISTICS
? Built in AISI 304 stainless steel and Peraluman aluminium
? Loading and passage of the film spool hygienically protected
? Thermoregulator for sealing plate temperature regulation
? Machine operated by control panel and PLC
? Tray presence check with photocell
? Automatic feeding and rewind of the film roll
? One tray height
? Single program for sealing setting
? Double impression tooling


Automatic vertical form fill seal packaging machine for fresh pasta

confezionatrice verticalepastafresca1 293x300 Industrial plants pasta factory prod 250 kg hourENTRY LEVEL packaging machine for pasta (with 1 weigher)

Inclined form fill seal packing machine with 1 head weigher, infeed conveyor, vibrating feed hopper and take away conveyor.

The line is very compact and is suitable for all those have a small production and have reduced money availability.

In the future you can mount up till 4 head weigher or a multihead weigher and increase your production.

Electro-pneumatic vertical packaging machine that makes 3 side seal packs of various forms and sizes, starting from the printed or neutral coil flat, on which you can apply labels, expiry date and lot.

• n° 1 – Interchangeable stainless steel forming tube
• Motorized drag film with indipendent pneumatic belts (regulable pressure)
• “MITSUBISHI” Variable speed AC drive motors that controls speed, acceleration and deceleration of the packing film via ModBus network
• “SIEMENS” PLC with memory card for parameters
• “MONITOUCH” 5,7” HMI color digital control panel with ModBus network
• “SMC” pneumatic with progressive starter and pressure switch
• Inside store air cylinder for compressed air (5 Liters) with progressive starter (better pneumatic stability)
• Multichannel controller (4 channels) for hot elements via ModBus
• n° 2 – horizontal welding bars of 220mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 – vertical welding bars of 300mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 – Stainless steel knife (laser made)
• Mechanic tensioning system for film
• Sliding film rolls systems
• Safety protections with electronic sensor
• n° 4 – Levelling feets
• CEE electric plant and drawings
• Plant alarm reported from the HMI

• Ø forming tube: 40 – 135 (mm)
• Film coil width: 165 – 450 (mm)
• Bag width: 62 – 205 (mm)
• Bag lenght: 0 – 600 (mm)
• Production: 70 packs/min. (max)
• Electric supply: 380V + N + T – 50/60Hz – 16A – 2,5Kwh
• Pneumatic supply: 100 Lt/min – 7 bar
• Weight: 250Kg

quicktime Industrial plants pasta factory prod 250 kg hour