Used pasta machine and equipments

Schermata 2014-05-19 alle 15.33.42Used machines for fresh, dried, organic and gluten-free pasta, overhauled and guaranteed.

GN3Each Pama’s machine directly replaced on the market from us, is completely overhauled in mechanics, in the electrical and security, to ensure the user Pasta Maker and Pasta Laboratory,  maximum continuity in his valuable work.

The availability of machines and equipments depends on that is available in our warehouse.
Upon request we will check the availability and status of machinery, ensuring maximum transparency and PS150quality of it.

You often can find mixers for dough, cutters, gnocchi machines, pelmeni and pierogi machines, ravioli machines, sheeters and rolling machines, cappelletti and agnolotti machines, machines and plants for lasagne and cannelloni, dryers, pre-dryers and sterilizers for pasta, orecchiette, cavatelli and trofie amchines. Equipments for heat rn120sc
treatment, pasteurizers and coolers.

Also you can find second-hand packaging machines, heat sealers in modified atmosphere, refrigerators, industrial kitchens, refrigeration units, steam convection ovens, tables and neutral decor steel, blasts temperature, conservatives and cold storage. Please check the availability.