Automatic equipment for the production of ready to eat lasagna and cannelloni

Semi-automatic equipment for the production of ready to eat lasagna and cannelloni.

Each machine is fitted with a speed regulator that allows the syncronization of the line and the variation of the productive process parameters (cooking time, cannelloni size, etc..)

The Extruder or Automatic Sheeter makes the dough and forms the pasta sheet, that falls then into a conveyor belt and is transported to the cooker. Inside the cooker water is heated through a heat generator at an optimal temperature (always less than 100 C.) This generator is able to move inside the cooker.  The belt speed can be varied, changing this way the cooking time.

lineapercannelloni_cn3000There are two stainless steel belts one on top of the other, that connect with the cover once they are inmersed.

The cover-belts group can be lifted through an automatic device in order to facilitate cleaning.  It is also possible to lift only the cover. The introduction of two extractor hoods, one at the entrance and one at the exit of the pasta sheet , is without a doubt an important innovation. This system allows not to take vapor from the bin but rather to keep the absolute quantities constantly during the whole productive cicle. The two cooking belts take the sheet towards the exit of the bin, and pass it through the washing and cooling bin. This last one contains water at room temperature.

An immersion cylinder allows to keep the sheet in the water. Then the longitudinal cutting device divides the sheet into two, three or four strips, separating and putting them on the belt where they are going to be shaped.When producing cannelloni the filling coming from the filler and doser group is dropped continously. cannelloniThe patented rolling group makes the filled pasta sheet into a cannellone. The cutting device cuts the cannelloni into the desired measure.

On the other hand when producing lasagna, the filler and doser group don’t activate, allowing for the production of lasagna sheets of variable measures if desired. This system permits to control the whole production process and the problems that might arise.

Technical data and characteristics of the system according to your requirements on request