Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta, dry and gluten free. Free lessons thank to you will be able to open a workshop for the production of fresh, dry, bio, gluten free pasta. This course is organised by PAMA PARSI MACCHINE s.r.l. and it will take place in the new demo office (250 mq.) inside the company in Via Maremmana III, n.55 in San Cesareo (RM).

The idea was born from the desire of developing till the top the potentiality offered by the technology made for the production of fresh pasta.

corsi_pasta_fresca_2The demos which have been planned are indicated for every kind of activity from pasta factories to reastaurants or farm tables that want to offer simple and pleasant products to their customers. But this time their feedbacks will be better because of the quality duration, larger range of choice and most of all thank to the constant quality.

We promote this different approach to gastronomy bacause we want to underline the importance of natural alternatives instead of promoting industrial products. We believe that the working method is the main thing and choosing the right one a company would reduce waste for sure.