Professional pasta maker prod 120 kg hour

Professional pasta maker prod 120 kg hour

 Professional pasta maker: press extruder pasta machine mod. P/120

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerFor production lines of short and long pasta, kneads dough and produces high quality up to 40 cm wide to feed forming machines and more. Short and long pasta with the change of dies. Automatic reversal bath, change speed, cochlea, drying, mixing trees removable, tanks with curved edges. Optional: winder for sheet of pasta and refrigerator.

quicktime Presses extruders machines for dry and fresh pasta gluten free

Dimensions bxpxh 1200 x 1300 x 1520 mm Weight 450 kg Extrusion production 200 kg/h max
Die diameter 159 mm Basin capacity 40 kg (flour/bran and liquid)
Consumption power 7,5 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Professional pasta maker: automatic pasta sheeter mod. CA280-400

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerAutomatic mill suitable for use in medium and large Pasta to feed continuously for long professional pasta maker and molding machines for Lasagne, Cannelloni, Cappelletti, Tortellini and Ravioli. Available in single and double sink up to 600 mm wide sheet.

quicktime Automatic pasta sheeter for pasta factory

Dimensiones bxpxh mm
1100×1200 x1600
1500×1200 x1600
1250×1400 x1700
1700×1400 x1700
550 kg.
700 kg.
700 kg.
850 kg.
Capacity kneaders
38 total
45 total
38 total
45 total
80-210 kg/h
120-300 kg/h
80-210 kg/h
120-300 kg/h
Sheet width mm
280 mm
400 mm
280 mm
400 mm
3,5 kW.
4,5 kW.
5,5 kW
5,5 kW
3F 230-400V
3F 230-400V
3F 230-400V
3F 230-400V

Professional pasta maker: automatic Ravioli machine mod. RN/SC

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerAutomatic ravioli “Patented” Double sheet with separated product, supply continuous filling screw and adjustable motion. Quiet and reliable, is provided with a mold by choice and two plastic frames. Other formats Ravioli on request.

Dimensions bxpxh480x730x1930mm
Weight140 kg
Hourly output60 kg/h
Width sheet120 mm
Consumption power1 kW
Voltage3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Professional pasta maker: cappelletti Pelmeni Agnolotti pasta machine mod. RC/4-N

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerDouble sheet machine with separated product, filling and discontinuous press adjustable motion. Equipment of no. 1 mold under average and n. 2 plastic frames. Interchangeable dies with other formats.


quicktime Cappelletti pelmeni agnolotti pasta machine

Dimensions bxpxh 860x860x1600 mm Weight 350 kg Hourly output 120 kg/h Width sheet 262 mm
Consumption power 4 kW Voltage 3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Professional pasta maker: gnocchi dumpling Machine with 6 holes model GN/6-N

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerMachine for Gnocchi with 6 holes suitable for large productions. Roll smooth or ridged choice, continuous power, size and notch adjustable graduated knob. Duster and automatic recovery.


quicktime Gnocchi Dumpling pasta machines

Dimensions bxpxh 600x700x1500 mm Weight 200 kg Hourly output 150 kg/h Power consumption 1,6 kW Voltage  3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Automatic Sheeter cutter calibration of the sheet and cut fettuccine, tagliatelle, tonnarelli, Pappardelle.

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerSheeter cutter professional pasta maker fully automatic, suitable for the production of large and medium industries of all types of noodles, noodles, spaghetti, pappardelle, special typical regional shapes, lasagne and cannelloni

quicktime Automatic pasta sheeter for pasta factory

Dimensiones bxpxh mm
Weight kg.
230 kg
310 kg
400 kg
300 kg/h
350 kg/h
400 kg/h
  Sheet width mm
Power kW


Pasteurizers equipment for the hydrothermal treatment of fresh pasta with filling mod. PS/G-V

Professional pasta makerMachinery, manufactured completely in STAINLEES STEEL, for HEAT TREATMENT of fresh pasta and stuffed pasta (Pasteurization) with heating system with boiler integrated into the professional pasta maker and heat exchanger immersed in water.

The system adopted eliminates heat loss into the environment and minimizes the power consumption allowing returns of 90/92%. The coverage of the area of pasteurization easily removable allows the total (washing) of the steam production tank and of the belt. Power supply: LPG – METHANE – STEAM.
Technical data:
? stainless steel cover with internal insulation and automated opening.
? stainless steel condensation collector tank.
? stainless steel netting carpet driven by stainless steel side chains travelling in stainless steel guides.
? steam injection nozzle groups above and below product.
? complete steam control system.
? humidity extraction hoods with adjustable hatches.
? carpet cleaning brush.
? final drying area complete with centrifugal fans and finned heating elements.
? motorised traction reducer with speed regulator.
These solutions customized to cover several needs: production quantity, length of steam room and
width of belt.

quicktime Pasteurizers for fresh pasta and stuffed

Dimensions bxpxh mm
Weight200 kg500 kg650 kg600 kg
Hourly output60 kg/h100 kg/h150 kg/h150 kg/h
Thermic power30 kW34 kW50 kW60 kW
Consumption power3,2 kW3,5 kW7 kW7 kW
Width belt600 mm600 mm800 mm800 mm
Steam chamber length
1300 mm2000 mm3000 mm3000 mm
Voltage    ————————      3F 230-400V 50/60HZ         ————————–

Pre-dryings Trabatto to pre-dry fresh, pasteurised and filled pasta.

Professional pasta makerSuitable for pre-drying of fresh, stuffed, pastorizzate. Il movement, ventilation and heating allow the separation of the product, preserve the original shape and dry surface, so ‘as poterloconfezionare easily, eliminating a percentage of humidity’ and prolong conservation.

Dimensiones bxpxh mm
280 kg
320 kg
530 kg
Hourly output
100 kg/h
200 kg/h
300 kg/h
Width of looms
420 mm
600 mm
600 mm
Power consumption
7,5 kW
7,5 kW
12,5 kW
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ

Blast chiller / Blast freeser for pasta and restaurant

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerThe classic blast chiller-blast freezer for excellence, easy in its use it finds application everywhere, both as counter or under oven. Manufactured entirely in stainless steel inox AISI 304 18/10. Automatic and manual hot gas defrosting.

Control panel with HACCP functions and programs memorization, hard/soft blast chilling. Optional: height 850 mm.

Dimensions bxpxh
820x700x900 mm
820x800x1750 mm
820x800x1950 mm
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
Gas caldo
105 kg
200 kg
220 kg
Width of looms
5 – 600×400
10 – 600×400
15 – 600×400
Power consumption
1,5 kW
2,68 kW
3,3 kW
1F-230V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ
3F-400V 50HZ

20 trays GN 2/1 – EN 600×800

Professional pasta makerWhen the powers start to be important. Large organizational capacity and simplicity in the use.


Professional pasta maker

Semiautomatic vacuum Thermosealing Machine with Protective Atmosphere mod. Unica 20

Professional pasta maker

Thermosealers in vacuum atmosphere, trolley on wheels, designed for vacuum packaging of trays of various sizes, dedicated to gastronomy, to supermarkets, to catering, etc..

Built in stainless steel and aluminum
_ Pump 20 m3 / h of best brands
_ Bathtub Stainless steel
_ Campana stamped aluminum
_ Loading film reel changeover and hygienically protected
_ Card with electronic sensor and store 5 programs

_ Bathtub printed in stainless steel for easy cleaning, that allows you to use dies with die-cutting 320 x 265 mm (1 / 2 GN) and 4 x GN 1 / 8.

Muted air compressor (optional)
The air compressor, very quiet (40 dB) may be housed within the thermal (Model 5 liters) or purchased separately (Model 9 liters, see photo). Compressor power at 230V ~ 700W

Diecutting some molds. Stainless steel tank, allows the use of molds
up to 310 x 220 mm with cutting dies and
up to 320 x 265 mm (1 / 2 GN) without cutting.

 quicktime Pastificio grande industriale macchine per pasta prod. 120 kgh

Machine dimensions (mm)
150 kg.
2,2 kW
Max cup dimensions
1F-230/400 V

Professional pasta maker: drying cells for pasta makers 

Professional pasta makerThe professional pasta maker packs, pre-packs and dries small and large size pasta and pasta with filling.Drying cycle capacity: 400 Kg.

The drier is essential for the packaging, pre-packaging and drying of small and large-size pasta and for pasta with filling. It also let to dry pasteurised pasta before the packing phase.

  • The optimization of the drying process over the years has enabled us to ensure absolute quality in the production of long and short pasta. It is composed as follows:
  • panels (thickness mm 50) composed of steel sheets with anallergic epoxy coating on the outer surface, filled with polyurethane foam. They guarantee improved insulation, sound-proofing and a stronger frame.
  • function control panel with a hygrometer and a thermostat for theProfessional pasta maker automatic adjustment of the humidity and temperature values automatic humidity discharge
  • ventilation system with balanced fans that generate little noise (a few decibels), are heat-proof, can move a significant air quantity and are controlled by a clock for the intermittent movement and the change in the direction of rotation.
  • The air is heated by means of electrical resistances (hot water heat exchangers can also be provided; to be separately quoted)
  • 1 cart with teflon swivelling wheels; it is equipped with 25 pinewood or beech-wood frames with a food-grade polyester grid where smallsize pasta can be dried.
Dimensiones bxpxh mm
n. 25-600x1200x60
n. 50-600x1200x60
n 100-600x1200x60
Drying cycle capacity
100 kg
200 kg
400 kg
5 kW
8,6 kW
17 kW
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ
3F 230-400V 50/60HZ


Automatic vertical form fill seal packaging machine for fresh pasta

Professional pasta makerENTRY LEVEL packaging machine for pasta (with 1 weigher)

Inclined form fill seal packing machine with 1 head weigher, infeed conveyor, vibrating feed hopper and take away conveyor.

The line is very compact and is suitable for all those have a small production and have reduced money availability.

In the future you can mount up till 4 head weigher or a multihead weigher and increase your production.

quicktime Pastificio grande industriale macchine per pasta prod. 120 kgh

Electro-pneumatic vertical packaging machine that makes 3 side seal packs of various forms and sizes, starting from the printed or neutral coil flat, on which you can apply labels, expiry date and lot.

• n° 1 – Interchangeable stainless steel forming tube
• Motorized drag film with indipendent pneumatic belts (regulable pressure)
• “MITSUBISHI” Variable speed AC drive motors that controls speed, acceleration and deceleration of the packing film via ModBus network
• “SIEMENS” PLC with memory card for parameters
• “MONITOUCH” 5,7” HMI color digital control panel with ModBus network
• “SMC” pneumatic with progressive starter and pressure switch
• Inside store air cylinder for compressed air (5 Liters) with progressive starter (better pneumatic stability)
• Multichannel controller (4 channels) for hot elements via ModBus
• n° 2 – horizontal welding bars of 220mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 – vertical welding bars of 300mm controlled by thermocouple
• n° 1 – Stainless steel knife (laser made)
• Mechanic tensioning system for film
• Sliding film rolls systems
• Safety protections with electronic sensor
• n° 4 – Levelling feets
• CEE electric plant and drawings
• Plant alarm reported from the HMI

• Ø forming tube: 40 – 135 (mm)
• Film coil width: 165 – 450 (mm)
• Bag width: 62 – 205 (mm)
• Bag lenght: 0 – 600 (mm)
• Production: 70 packs/min. (max)
• Electric supply: 380V + N + T – 50/60Hz – 16A – 2,5Kwh
• Pneumatic supply: 100 Lt/min – 7 bar
• Weight: 250Kg

Modular cold rooms for storage of fresh pasta

Professional pasta makerQuick and easy to install, for a useful space and rational in compliance with hygiene and environmental issues.
? internal and external covering in white plastic-coated galvanized steel
? insulation thickness mm 60-70-100
? internal covering in anti-slip grey plastic-coated galvanized steel
? internal rounded corners in the junction between vertical panels
? floor and ceiling
? water-expanded environment-friendly polyurethane

Ovens convection oven Rational for Pasta and Gastronomie

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerThe SelfCooking Center ® uses for you, during any cooking process, all the technical possibilities that it contains, in fully automatic mode.

Even in manual mode Combi Steam cooking speed increases up to 15% compared to traditional Combi Steam. This not only saves time but also money.

The SelfCooking Center ®, yet it occupies very little space, replaces or relieves 40-50% of the work of all the equipment for cooking traditional hot air ovens, stoves, soldering Foldaway, kettles, steam cookers, fryers, pots and pans .

The Control ® SelfCooking use for you in fully automatic mode during any cooking process all the technical possibilities of the Center SelfCooking ®. In this way, your investment will be fully repaid.

quicktime Pastificio grande industriale macchine per pasta prod. 120 kgh

An oven used to 100% of its performance, combining automatic cooking, manual cooking and the chef’s own personalized programs oven like no other can do.

Gas cookers electric industrial Pasta factory, delicatessens and Restaurants

Professional pasta makerProfessional pasta makerCooking for workshops and stores of fresh pasta completely constructed of stainless steel and cast iron grilles. Work Plan thick made of stainless steel AISI 304. Grid floor made of cast iron fittings. Double crown burners with cast iron body and brass spartifiamma of vertical flame stabilized.

Taps valved pilot flame for ignition of the burner. Pans raccogligocce the removable floor of stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners printed. Static gas oven GN 2 / 1 heated by the burner (7.7 kW) a flame stabilized controlled by a thermostatic valve with safety, adjustable from 100 ° to 340 ° C, piezoelectric ignition to the pilot.

Guide reggigriglie Three and removable for complete cleaning of the room. Control panel easily removable to facilitate the cleaning and maintenance. Stainless steel feet adjustable in height. Gas or electricity. Possibility of internal furnace. Burners plan kW. 3,5 – 5,5 – 7,5.

Steel furniture for pasta factory, Gastronomy, Restaurants, Catering e Supermarket

Professional pasta makerA wide range of neutral fumishing elements, including sturdily built tables, cabinets, sinks, shelving, wall-mounted hoods and central hoods, wall units and shelves for food services, dining facilities ans delicatessens, made of AISI 304 stainless steel. Worktops with depths of 600-700 mm to make the most of space with flexibility of arrangements, excellent work organization, maximum hygiene and long-lasting.