Industrial pasta machine

Industrial pasta machine

Industrial pasta machine: professional machines for pasta factories of every size

PAMA PARSI MACCHINE designs and manufactures more than 60 years Machinery, equipment and complete Industrial pasta machine for the production of fresh pasta, dry and gluten free. Each line is designed according to the specific plant requirements to optimize all phases of production of fresh pasta and includes automatic mixers, extruders, sheeters, moulders, pasteurizers, dryers and coolers.

The purpose of automatic Industrial pasta machine is the production, processing and packaging of food dough (which can be long, short, stuffed and so on) having a shelf life that generally ranges from a few weeks up to about three months.

The product is realized by means of kneading and molding, which are different depending on the required format and the kind of pasta to be produced.

Industrial pasta machineIndustrial pasta machine: from 60 to 300 kg/h of production

Is subsequently pasteurized to break down the bacterial load, dried to remove the moisture present in the cooled surface and to prevent that the bacteria can multiply. After undergoing the treatments, the product is weighed and packaged by thermoforming or vertical packaging.

If necessary, the product after the packaging can be further treated to achieve a longer shelf life: the sterilization. In this case it is transported to the input of a static cell to undergo a second pasteurization and immediately after it is cooled by chiller.

Industrial pasta machineIndustrial pasta machine: pasteurization, cooling, freezing, sterilization

With our many years of experience we mainly cater to manufacturers of regional pasta production lines or special, craft formats, difficult to produce on industrial pasta lines.

The Industrial pasta machinery can be designed for flour (starting from raw or precooked flour) with or without gluten or special flours, implementing the existing machines with special systems adapted to work the required flour.

Industrial pasta machineEach plant PAMA PARSI MACCHINE is comprised of several components, the vast complete range includes:

  • Automatic pasta extruder kneaders to allow the metering and mixing of semolina, flour, water, eggs and other ingredients to form the dough; with any type of mixture, with or without gluten, whole, treated, WITH or WITHOUT empty.
    •  Tapes ventilated spreader for long pasta.
    Cutters pasta machine, which allow the slitting and/or transverse of the sheet and the calibration of the thickness of the sheet to be obtained.
    Machines for pre-cooked lasagne and cannelloni for ready meals.
    • Sieve pre-drying, to provide a pre-file to the product, ie un’essicazione of the product surface that prevents its sticking in the subsequent steps.
    Static pasta dryers for moisture removal of the product. The low drying temperature with automatic temperature and humidity control, ensures a high quality product.
    • Forming ravioli, cappelletti, ravioli and tortellini

Our professional mechanical engineers design high quality machines for pasta production plants according to our clients requirements in every fragment of producing process. Here you can find various types of machines for pasta production line below.


Industrtial pasta machine manufacturing capabilities can be optimize for desired end product includes; various shaping types of long cut pasta, various shaping types of short cut pasta and various types of fresh pasta. On the other hand, processing is almost the same for all kind of end product. It is starts with preparing the raw material (flour, water etc.) for production line that you can find below

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta dry and gluten free

Set up pasta factory to produce fresh pasta, dry and gluten free. Free lessons thank to you will be able to open a workshop for the production of fresh, dry, bio, gluten free pasta. This course is organised by PAMA PARSI MACCHINE s.r.l. and it will take place in the new demo office (250 mq.) inside the company in Via Maremmana III, n.55 in San Cesareo (RM).

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