Pastation combined pasta machine n. 1 for Restaurants

PASTATION Combined pasta machine for Restaurants

Pama Parsi Macchine, presents a new solution “Patented” for those who want to produce fresh pasta. This is a complete studied workstation concentrated in a small space, only 150 cm, which was tested by our Pasta Chef and by the most demanding. This location thanks to its small size and to the extreme facility of transport on wheels, it lends itself to become the best partner in all the circumstances in which it is necessary an entire “pocket” pasta shop: Catering, Delicatessens, Restaurants,Holiday’s farms, Fairs, Promotions directly to retail outlets for products that require the production of fresh pasta.

pastation combined pasta machine for restaurant
PASTATION combined pasta machine for restaurants is a real station for combined production of fresh pasta, that contains in a single medium-sized module a real professional Pasta factory.

The Press kneading machine to prepare the basic dough, has a tank with a capacity of 8 kg. (flour and liquid) with removable shaft for easy cleaning and cooling water on the head.

The Cutting unit for short and long pasta, will allow you to prepare a large amount of pasta: Macaroni plain or striped, Fusilli, Spaghetti, Paccheri, Bucatini, Gigli, Casarecce.

The Sheeter-Cutter with stainless steel roller rough will allow you, through a simple leaflet, to refine the sheet width. 200 mm to the desired thickness and to prepare tagliolini, tagliatelle, fettuccine and pappardelle in widths: 2-4-6-12 mm.

Here it is the Automatic Ravioli Machine that produces ravioli filled with meat or ricotta and spinach, mushrooms, salmon, artichokes. Adjustable filling with the machine in operation and feature interchangeable molds.

PASTATION Combined pasta machine for Restaurants

  • The Dryer is made by 7 plastic containers 60x40xH.7 cm. It is essential to remove surface moisture of the pasta. The 2 rear fans will allow you to have in few minutes the fresh pasta to be served.
  • The Wheeled Container on wheels for flour and semolina is equipped with a hinged lid for perfect protection of the content. It is made entirely of stainless steel has a capacity of 50 kg (2 bags of 25 kg.)
  • It could not miss a chest of drawers in stainless steel on wheels, in which you can keep in order all your cooking utensils, kneading of dies, molds for ravioli. In short, everything you need is in order and easily accessible for your work.
  • Glove Box with stainless steel top for storing utensils, plastic baskets, platters, bowls. Everything at your fingertips for your convenience in various operations and production of fresh pasta.
  • The Blast Chillers can be integrated as an optional instead of the container and the chest. Thanks to the rapid and delicate cooling of the pasta, it doesn’t damage in any way the product.
  • Worktop in stainless steel useful for all the processes of preparation and production of fresh pasta.

You can find all you’ve read so far in this technical drawing. A unique solution to the world in 150 cm for your production problems of fresh pasta.

Dimensions b x p x h mm mm. 1500 x 800 x 1700
Weight kg. kg. 250
Capacity kneaders kg. 8 (flour/bran and liquid)
Diametro trafila pressa mm. 89
Output /h kg. 12/15
Sheet width cutter mm. 200
Power kW. 1,7
Motors 230/400V 3F+


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