How to open a Pasta Factory

IMG_1124Opening a “Pastificio” (Pasta Factory) for dry pasta, biological pasta or gluten free pasta for coeliacs, in other words an activity for the production and sale of handmade egg and filled pasta, is an interesting initiative. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are becoming always more fearful competitors for common fresh pasta shops, so the ones that specialise in handmade products like pastry shops, ice-cream shops, delis and fresh pasta shops, continue to do business finding their commercial strength in the genuineness of the product.

The fresh pasta business has been in constant growth in recent years, this is due to the increasing attention towards a healthy nutrition and the research for traditional and homemade dishes. To make this kind of activity flourish, it is therefore necessary to take care of our customers with quality, niche products that whet the palate but, above all, that also satisfy their needs. Just think of Coeliacs, people that because of their Cesali 1food intolerance cannot taste this “NATIONAL” delicacies.

In order to open and launch a handmade past factory one doesn’t need particular or high investments, nor sophisticated technical know-how. In fact all one needs is to attend the course we freely supply our clients to learn all the tricks of the trade. In other words, there are excellent reasons to believe that opening a fresh pasta factory today can still be a good idea to become entrepreneurs.

“Inspired by the traditions of the area where women have always made speIt flour pasta, they have chosen to produce biological pasta for coeliacs that are increasing in our country. The choice was a very good one. Another important factor is ecology: the pasta factory is inside the Sibillini Mountains Park and it was built with ecological criteria, it doesn’t pollute and uses solar panels. Besides the help, Roberta and her family have been able to avail themselves of the support of Since opening a year ago, Roberta is very satisfied of her work and how business is proceeding. In fact, through fairs and events promoted by the Marche region, the Pasta Factory has grown so much that it exports to foreign countries as well.”

“The Santucci family, was thinking of opening a handmade pasta factory for coeliacs for some time. After attending the second to last Seminar on Coeliac Disease at Pama, they convinced themselves that they had all the cards to pass from thought to practise. With the possibilities at disposal for enterprise development, the Santucci family have realised their dream. In Carrara, a fantastic city in Versilia, this beautiful and very equipped handmade workshop for fresh pasta, deli and pastry shop, all gluten free, was established.”

This was possible thanks to the experience we have matured in the field but above all in the trust the Pama, the ideal partner, gave the Santucci family to open a keys in hand activity. After a brief training course of 1 week with our Chef and Pasta maker, It is delighting the palates of coeliacs and not, with their tasty delicacies, fresh pasta, pizza, cakes… all rigorously gluten free. The Gallery speaks for itself.

piantina_negozio_pastafrescaTo open a Pasta Factory one can start small with a shop the size of 50 sqm. This workshop must be supplied with all the necessary equipment to easily make fresh pasta and to sell the finished product. For the workshop one will need: a work table, a kneader press, mill-cutter, an automatic ravioli making machine, a gnocchi maker, a cappelletti and agnolotti shaping machine, a cutting set to apply to the press for short pasta, a 4 frame pre-packaging machine, a fridge, a meat grinder with a combined grater, a sink and a cooking stove with four burners complete with an extractor fan.

An estimated total investment amount of Also considering the availability of some USED, SERVICED AND GUARANTEED MACHINERY THAT ARE JUST LIKE NEW. Generally a small pasta factory can be managed by a family or however by 2/3 people.

bancovenditapastafrescaTo face the competition from other fresh pasta shops and from supermarkets that offer these products in their deli counters, it is necessary to characterise the pasta factory with an offer that differentiates it and makes it unique!!! To begin with the production of very high quality pasta, research of excellent prime materials and handmade processing, traditional products from the local culture and creativity with coloured pasta enriched with tastes and original fillings.

Opening a pasta factory that makes fresh pasta, dry pasta, biological pasta, gluten free pasta for coeliacs
Is only one of the entrepreneurial ideas that can be successful for younger people. Sometimes the right machines and systems are enough (pasta kneaders, driers, pasteurisers, mills, shapers, ravioli making machines, sheeters, cutters, cappelletti and agnolotti shaping machines, etc.). Other times it is necessary to
attend courses to learn the secrets of the trade and a proper place.

In conclusion, in Italy there is still room for whoever wants to open a fresh pasta shop provided that one works professionally and with the love of a product that the whole world envies us.


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