The boom in pasta exports


export-pama-pastaThe boom in pasta exports. There are positive signs regarding the growth of exports of cakes and pasta.According to officials during the annual meeting of the Association of Italian Confectionery and Pasta (AIDEPI) in 2012, exports of confectionery have increased by +11% in value and 6.2% in volume, exceeding EUR 3 billion. The export of pasta continues to rise in foreign markets, an increase of 1.8 % of the volume for 2011 to 1.80275 million tonnes, with an increase in value of 1940 million euro (+6.8 %).


Strong interest in Italian pasta has been shownin China(+60.1%) and Ukraine (+32.5%). The confectionery industry has also recorded growth in Turkey (+133 %) and Algeria (+62.5 %).


Among the sweet stuff, the best results in 2012 were seen by chocolate: Finished products have increased +6% in total value, a sum of 4835 million euro. The volume of production of the two dessert sectors has grown; for the confectionery sector is up 2.7% on 2011 to 1.94565 million tons and a value of over 13 billion Euros. For pastries, production ‘was valued at over 4,600 million euro (equal to 3.32675 million tons).


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Pama Parsi Macchine

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