Gluten free pasta factory in Campania Italy

foto 1When we met the Caporale family for the first time, we realized early on that their dream would come true. The desire to do things, the “determination” ingredient, the love for their land, the gluten-free pasta “project”: in short, the winning elements were all there.

Now this dream has become reality, with the opening of “CELI GUSTIAMO” pasta factory, a a laboratory of homemade products that delivers delicious treats, all strictly gluten-free: fresh and dried pasta, ready-made meals, cakes, pizza, bread.

It’s the oldest town of Vallo di Diano. It stands on a hill in the western part of the valley at an altitude of 625 meters above sea level. Its history shows Pelasgian-Mycenaean origins, as evidenced by the remains of its Megalithic and Pelasgian walls from the fourth century BC that surrounded the city and perhaps the famous Larissa Pelasgian.

IMG_3968And it is precisely here that the “CELI GUSTIAMO” pasta factory produces a wide range of products from bakery items such as cookies, pies, cakes, pizza and a huge range of types of delicious short and long pasta; not to mention the ready-made meals, tasty solutions for those who have little time to spend in the kitchen.

On the day of the opening, together with many guests who have filled the factory, we tasted local pasta shapes from Campania, products with flour and Gluten Free, carefully selected and of first choice, and we were dazzled by its taste and consistency, determining factors for a quality product.

Giuseppe Caporale and his family have brought forward this ambitious project with courage and determination, which in these times is a lot, offering the locals and visitors fresh and dry pasta of exquisite handmade precision.

With patience and on a professional level, all the processes were overviewed by our pasta making technician Massimo Parisi , a true expert in the post-sale training, who shared his secrets with the whole Caporale family and showed them how to produce fresh and dry pasta in a safe and quality way.

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As Pama Parsi Macchine, we can not be more proud to add another DOC company to our Albo customers.

Al To the “CELI GUSTIAMO” pasta factory, we wish “good luck!”

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