Small dry pasta dryer VR/20 for pasta shop and restaurant

Small-dry-pasta-dryerSmall dry pasta dryer VR/20 for pasta shop and restaurant.

Have ever dreamed of producing even small amount of dry pasta in your own restaurants, farm houses, agricultural holdings, agriculture schools or small pasta factories? If you haven’t, well now you should! Dry pasta is undergoing something of an amazing rebirth, entrenched by the wide variety of feedstock at hand, such as the renowned “Senatore Cappelli” durum wheat, or other ancient wheat varieties, such as spelt wheat and kamut among others. Let alone, vegetables like chickpeas, peas and beans.
Creativity and desire for ancient biological flavours are revitalizing new concepts of dry pasta production.
This is why our Pama Parsi Macchine are building their success on a brand new small and extremely efficient pasta dryer for dry pasta.
By reproducing the same technology of bigger pasta dryers, their PLC control system allows us to set and check all key parameters of the pasta drying process, f.i. its temperature, humidity, time, ventilation, production and pause. “It’s a snap!Small-dry-pasta-dryer
Just by checking those parameters, we can produce high quality dry pasta while complying with the 12.5% humidity level standard required by law.
What’s new? Its 20 plastic frames measuring 60×40 cm, which are also supplied to contain the dough in the refrigerated counter, or to be placed in the refrigerator or blast chiller.
Just one format for any type of preparation is pretty handy, right?
This is an important added value since handling different containers can sometimes be a waste of time.
 But that’s not all! We also wanted to reduce extra spaces. Reduced dimensions make the machine look as big as a small cabinet: cm 130x85xH200 mm. Our machine ranks at the first place in terms of energy saving, consuming only 4 kW.
Each cycle production can reach a maximum of 25 kg, depending on the format (approx. 1.2 kg per each frame)

Small-dry-pasta-dryerWish to know another added value? Very low, almost imperceptible, noise levels, given that a drying cycle lasts approx. 9 hours. Let it operate at night so that you can already work on the finalized product to be packaged the following morning.
Time is precious and saving it is of uttermost importance. Following our fellow partners’ requests, who are working in restaurants, farm houses, agricultural holdings, agriculture schools and small pasta factories, we have come up with a suitable and reliable tool to support a fast growing sector: the dry pasta production.
It goes without saying that the PLC programming has strongly helped us, since the machine can also be used as a simple dryer for fresh and stuffed pasta. Removing superficial humidity before putting the product in the refrigerator or before packaging has never been so easy!

Need a pasta expert by your side who could teach you everything you need to know about the production process? We can provide them for you! After sales training and consulting services are crucial to kick off.
Small and big at the same time, efficient and functional – the dry pasta dryer VR/20 is waiting for you!

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